Every year, trends evolve into something beyond its inspired roots. In 2014, the color purple had its moment in the world of hair.  Usually, looks that are 'trending' appeal to me as much as a shoe that is one–size–fits–all. 

 I tend to gravitate more towards looks that are an accent to the individual, rather than styles that are 'popular.'

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Hair by Cristi

Hair by Cristi

However, last year when Lavenders, Violets, Lilacs hair tones began popping up all over Instagram and Pinterest, I couldn’t help myself – I got the purple bug too.

One artist who constantly inspires and influences me when I am working with the color purple is Isabelle Collin Dufrense. She was a comrade of Andy Warhol, and was nicknamed Ultra Violet because of her violet hair, which after time became her trademark. She was an incredible woman who was the muse of Salvador Dali, and played many roles in Andy Warhol’s films while evolving into an artist. I salute Ultra Violet, who recently passed away in June 2014.




I have a feeling that Purple’s moment in hair is just beginning, and that it will continue to be big into 2015. If you are entertaining the thought of going Purple, please call me or book a consultation! I would love to hear more about your connection to the hue, and how you would like to make it yours.